Exclusive: A New Netflix Show Tells the Story of the Clothes We Keep

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We all know what a closet clean-out looks like. For years, shows like What Not to Wear, Queer Eye, and Tidying Up With Marie Kondo have demonstrated the merits of a “keep” pile and a “toss” pile. But rarely does anyone take a closer look at the former. Why do we hang on to some articles of clothing and not others? What makes them special?

Emily Spivack has made it her mission to ask these questions. In 2010, she began collecting stories and memories connected to clothing, reaching out to people she admired — artists, writers, designers, and chefs — as well as strangers on Craigslist, and asking them about the keepsakes in their closets. Four years later, she’d gathered enough material to publish a book, called Worn Storieswhich featured everyone from Marina Abramović to John Hodgman, and went on to be a Times best seller. In 2017, she followed up with Worn in New York. (Not surprisingly, it included some great merch.) And now, she’s brought both books to life with a new Netflix series, which premieres April 1.

Each episode of Worn Stories — there are eight — dives into a different theme: There are the clothes we wear at the beginning of our lives, for example, and then there are the clothes we wear to memorialize those we’ve lost. Below, you can watch the trailer for a sneak peek, and read more about what Spivack has to say about making the series during a pandemic


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