How to earn free with amazon 2021

How to earn free with amazon 2021

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About amazon

Must have heard the name Amazon. If you want to become an associate of Amazon and that too without investing a single penny, Sitting in any village in any country, sitting in the state, can become a business associate of the common man from his home. Even if you are 10th pass. You do any job or business in a tent house.  You can become a business associate of Amazon

A company without investing a single penny.  You won’t even need a laptop.  All work can be done from a mobile phone.

You stay with me!

Hello friend how are you?

As you know, my name is ADNAN IRSHAD

The world’s largest company AMAZON.

It is an e-commerce company.  The annual turnover of this company is US$ 280 billion. There are 7000 crores in one billion US dollars. 

Become a business associate of a big company.

Without spending a single penny, you will earn a lot, but you will also make a lot of heat again that. You are a business associate of the world’s biggest e-commerce company. 

How to earn free with amazon 2021.

Will be coming to your mind?

 How is all this possible?

 How does all this happen? 

Look, I’ll give you the information. You are under this program with whom, such business associates can be attached. Joining is only and only with your new old mobile phone, you can do all the work.  Let me show you.


How to do the work of both your laptop and mobile feet, so I have come to you on my laptop.

I will also tell you this, at the moment, I am telling you, that you have less on the site too, so how to find it?

It is at the bottom.  Here if you open the side on your mobile, then where will you get it?  See if you open on mobile Amazon. So there you will not see it anywhere above and below.

That’s why I will show you where it will be seen by taking it on my mobile itself.

Who can you date, well, now let’s see?

Click here.

The third cut from the bottom is the desktop site.  If I wait, see friends, now this desktop site has been opened.  Inside it, if I don’t want to from everyone, then here we see the same written which shows us on our laptop.  That is to say, you have to open the desktop site inside the mobile app of Amazon.

First of all, if you will be able to go to the button, I set without going and from there you will be able to register again. 

I am telling you this, because if your comments come as soon as, you do not leave, then, it does not open.  All right, read carefully what I am telling you.

Now, I will show you all, the work on my laptop, that you can do on mobile too but grow up on the laptop.  So, friends, that’s why I comfort you.

There are some that are easy to explain to you.  Friends, that’s why I will show you all the work ahead on the laptop itself.

I will come and come to an affiliate.

What You Can Earn Up To 12% Commission On Whatever Products You Sell Here.  Without investing any money, friends are fine only from your mobile phone, then if you join here.  Free of cost then you become an associate of the world’s largest online company like Amazon.

Now can be no SIGNIFICANT SOLUTION than this.

Become an Associate of the biggest online company.

Where you have written, get it complete in Join Now for Free.

Here we are going to create our new account.

If your account has already been made. or if not then create your account. It is writte here. you have to enter your name.

AND you put your name, I put my name.

Putting an email id here, friends, just now I have put my email id here in the place. 

You will enter your email id or I have selected the password and enter at least 6 or 8 characters that I will type the same password again here.  Now click on Create New Account.

Now that I will type the same password again here.  You will click on Create Your Amazon Account.  But we have to verify our email id.  With verification OTP that already sent on our email ID.  Now we check that.

I open my e-mail and show it.  Take a look at this my email is open in front of you.  This is an OTP. I’ll copy this. Friends, now I will go and put this there.  Where to put it.  The written bread is fine.  After that, I will click on Create an account.  Earn online here.

This site will do the e-mail verification.

Tomorrow it should not happen that your payment gets stuck somewhere, then it is important for you to do all this verification before. you create an amazon account now if I fix it then it has spread.

People under the belly, me or you who want to be an Amazon Associate. 

We of Amazon Company have to fill this form.

Creating Your associate account. How to make it.  I’ll show you is very easy.  It is asking me that whatever name we will earn from here, in what name do we want.

Will earn now by what name do we want it?

If you want the money to be calling on your name, then your job is a bank account.  Whatever you have written in your name in the savings bank account or any bank account, you have to put your name here. 

For any reason, you can enter the name of any of your relatives.  But it will ask that the name is written in the savings bank account that they have.

This site will do the e-mail verification. Tomorrow it should not happen that your payment gets stuck somewhere, then it is important for you to do all this verification before. you create an amazon account now if I fix it then it has spread.

You can put the name of the person but ask that the name which is written in the savings bank account that they have if you do not put the same in the exact then you can come in it later.  OK, let’s enter your name.

I’ll put my name you have to enter your address which is your permanent address.  To be put here.  Right now if for some reason you live somewhere else.  Nobody is here.  You are your permanent address.  I will put it here.  It is possible.

Amazon someone sends you a courier. for correspondence so I will put my exit address all here.

Now you can enter the name of your city. If you don’t live in a city. And you might also enter the name of your district.  Here the paints have to enter the name of your own state.  Enter your postal code at the bottom of the state you are in.

He too will earn.  Who is his mail contact person from Amazon?  Tomorrow a support staff of Amazon wants to contact you for some reason, whether you do it or do it with someone else, you are right what we have written this name.  I am Put a boxed list, doing it right will cause confusion.  You will keep your own.

It’s to just make it nine and then come down and next, you do more and the window is open.  The dress is what we put on.  Whatever you put in it will come in front of you too.  1 minute I edited without.  I’ll show you that you don’t get ripped off.

We have to take the suggested address, soon and lives. If it is in proper format then the suggested address is to be kept, but if you feel by chance please suggest. This site has checked our address from somewhere in its record, if it is not correct, then can edit it from here,

After that, we will confirm the selected suggested address, then we have now finalized our address here.

Next, we have to put one more piece of information. I’ll let you know. It is very easy, most of you will not have any relation to seeing the written website mobile apps. There will also be no mobile apps. I know this but this is mind is a formality of the company. We have to complete it.

To supply sperm, some link has to be entered, only then our account is created.

Well, here we put the link of our Facebook profile, then it also accepts it, so this is the way to complete this form, we will have to complete the formalities. Well, friends, you must have your own Facebook account.

@ next if you have not made it yet, then you can make it.

Creates on your mobile phone in 2 minutes. There I will show you the link to your Facebook profile, copying it, and putting it here. Where the link to the Facebook profile is, well, let me show you too? Facebook is keeping this profile open

Going to the home page of your Facebook account, click on the bar on the top left-hand side of your Facebook profile.

The link is in the same way, you will copy your Facebook profile and after coming here, you will post the written interview website here, after that you will add it. Have been a little patient because this is a private account, so that’s why it was blocked. Well otherwise, this is if the friends are from many other accounts besides yours like Instagram.

You are by chance is on the website. If there is one or two, you can add all. It’s fine now, but I’m going to understand that maybe you have a night or a mobile phone, but still we have found a solution for this. There is a file of Facebook, put a link to it, this website accepts it that brother, your children.

Amazon gives the facility that we can create any ID as per our wish, Amazon Associates and I put the ID here. Here I have made one of my associates and put them in the ID. If you also create and enter you’re ID, then have someone made such a thing in which no space should be left in the middle. I have written it here, YOUR NAME? So it should not have been made.

What is the hope that it is not already made by someone else or will come under the fill and have to do it? I have created an ID from the beginning so it is very difficult. It’s hard to be like this.

Are you have any website no problem we have solution?

 Well, then you should also make something which you think is unique. Don’t make it seem that it is not already accepted.

 Now here we have already taken our Facebook profile link instead of the website.

Now what can we do, but the site that this software needs this information, then we have to enter, then what we have entered which is just our Facebook profile link. This is our private Facebook account. How has it been made, was it the main region, so now what we have to write here.

 Let me show you about it. What to select.

 What is the topic of friends?

I have told you this is another site, we have to fill this letter class form of this site.

What do we have to put in to make up for this, so I’ll show you here?

That your amazon site?

Which items are you planning to sell the product, well right now we have a lot here which can suck?

I juiced it. we will do it then after that the toy computer is fine. Home and Garden Products can be electronics items.

All Websites and Mobile Apps Our website is not a mobile app. There is a form that we are filling, so we have to fill everything in it. All right don’t get stuck there so I’m not going to spare you a page type. If I am showing you by completing it, then you will not be able to complete it. Just asking if this blog is it comparison shopping engine or something like that nothing. Friends, till now I think most of you are trying this for the first time, then I will pay the rate here. Will watch carefully. If you want to make friends and no one else, take this rate. I was asking now that country type is to come in this too. Go watch it carefully.

What is the system how to do all the steps?






. Continue…!

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